Check this page often for updated listings of all types of cycling events in and around our area. Rides require, at minimum, an appropriate bike in good working order, water, and a helmet. We suggest a spare tube, energy food, maybe a little cash in case we stop, and your biggest smile! Many rides are held subject to weather. It's a good idea to confirm dates, time and any specific requirements, too. We'll see you out there — and have fun!


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Upcoming Biking Events

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Jan 19, 2019

FORC 2019 Membership Drive & Chili Cook-Off

Stardust, Davenport

Join FORC in the new year to celebrate 2018 accomplishments and kick off 2019!!! Renew your FORC membership or join the club! Also, start working on those Chili recipes. Who wants to win the coveted 'Worst FORC'n Chili' award!?!?